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3-year-old girl rises to fame after being taped by her mum when she asked him to play the piano for her


This three-year-old is a rising star in music. She is at the perfect age to learn and discover the world around her to develop as an artist. There are things that are basic and that you have to learn: daily hygiene, queuing at school, not leaving the paper behind while writing, etc. Also, this adorable little girl is far from the same as the rest of the children of her age. . Especially when it comes to one thing in particular. Most kids their age haven’t learned how to properly tie their shoelaces, unbutton their jackets, or fasten their seatbelts.

But a 3-year-old girl is doing something that would amaze anyone. someone. Little Charlotte is 3 years old and receives piano lessons from her at home in Hong Kong. She is a sweet and hardworking girl. Her mother, who is recording her video, asks her to play for her and Charlotte accepts. She points out that she can play a lot more than the basic songs that any student learns in the first grades. She is currently a piano prodigy and the video already has over 5 million views. The girl plays as if she were a professional who has practiced all her life; If you listen to the video with your eyes closed, you would never have imagined his age: 3 years old.

This classically elegant piece is dynamic in scope, as written in the 18th century by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, the ninth son of Johann Sebastian Bach. The elaborate chords of this difficult piece are nailed to perfection, and this girl’s talent is truly impressive. What did you think of the video? Did you expect a girl with such talent? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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