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15-year-old Yasya from Ukraine conquers the judges with her dances at the most famous talent show in the world


Yaroslava confidently goes to her goal with a smile on her face, because even in difficult times you can always find bright moments.

America’s Got Talent seems to have a new star that has already captured the hearts of millions. And she doesn’t intend to stop.

Ukrainian girl Yaroslava Cheklova took part in the audition of the virtual casting.

Who is this beauty and why is she in a wheelchair?

Yaroslava has a spinal hernia since birth. As a result, she is confined to a wheelchair. She has already had 20 surgeries. Strong Yasya also found out 10 years ago that she had a serious illness – kidney failure.

But, despite his diagnosis, Yasya confidently and with a smile goes to her goal. Dancing inspires the young beauty, gives a good mood and new dreams. Switching her attention to moving to music also gives her the opportunity to forget about her diagnosis, at least for a while.

Her dreams come true day by day. For example, five years ago she wanted to dance with Akhtem Seytablaev (actor and director). Then on the show “Dancing with the Stars” this unexpected miracle happened.

Now the dance life of the blond beauty continues. She has a new dream – she wants to become the world champion in wheelchair dancing. The girl has already won prizes at various festivals and competitions.

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