The Titanic star suddenly passed away today…

Lew Palter, best remembered for portraying Isidor Straus in the classic film “Titanic,” died at 94. According to his daughter, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Palter died of lung cancer.

While Palter’s spectacular performance in “Titanic” left an indelible mark, his true calling was teaching. Palter dedicated himself to instructing young actors at the famous CalArts School of Theater after his unforgettable on-screen moment with his imaginary wife when they met a tragic and horrific fate.

CalArts responded quickly to the news of his death, which had recently reached a larger public, with a statement on its Instagram account paying tribute to the senior faculty member.

“Lew retired from CalArts in 2013 after a remarkable four-decade career as an acting instructor, director, and mentor.” His enthusiasm for acting was contagious, and he instilled in every scene, play, and class a tremendous feeling of attention, compassion, intellect, and comedy.”

Palter’s departure signaled the departure of another great performer from the “Titanic” cast. David Warner, who played Spicer Lovejoy in the film, died last year in July 2022.

The intertwining of histories can sometimes produce strange coincidences. Palter passed away just before the Titanic submarine’s tragic explosion, which killed all five aboard while on an expedition to explore the ship’s wreckage, captured the entire world’s attention.

Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, the corporation in charge of the disastrous operation, was among those killed. Interestingly, Stockton’s widow, Wendy Rush, clearly relates to the character Palter portrayed, Isidor Straus.

The Straus Historical Society confirmed that Wendy Weil Rush, Stockton Rush’s wife and now widow, is the great-great-granddaughter of Isidor and Ida Straus, who perished in the Titanic catastrophe.

“Minnie, Wendy’s great-grandmother, was one of Isidor and Ida’s three daughters.” Minnie married Richard Weil, and their descendants include Wendy.

Wendy has yet to address the public as she mourns the untimely death of her spouse. Unfortunately, the legal ramifications of this tragedy may exacerbate her grief.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Wendy, a member of the expedition team and the communications chief for OceanGate may face legal action from the families of the fatalities despite the waivers supposedly signed by the crew members.

Wendy and everyone concerned face a problem as they try to balance sorrow and negotiate the legal issues.”

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107 years old Grace LePayne celebrates her birthday and shares the secret of her longevity

Grace LePayne celebrated her 107th birthday on December 8, 2022, and she enthusiastically shared this special day with everyone with her gold hoops earrings and cute necklaces which she wore on this day.
While LePayne’s life had not always been sunny and bright, she had to endure the Great Depression, the death of her seven-year-old son as well as the death of her husband shortly afterward.

Despite the fact that LePayne cherishes her family and enjoys spending time with them, when asked what her favorite hobbies are, she laughed, and replied, “What do I like to do?” “I don’t want to do anything right now.”

Those who know LePayne, on the other hand, disagree with this sentiment and point out that she is very busy, she helps her relatives in the kitchen, she shops, and she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Her birthday party was attended by relatives from different states such as North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and New York. It was a wonderful time to share wonderful memories together. There is no doubt that LePayne is enjoying her life and that she is eager to share the occasion with her loved ones as she said, “I’m glad I am able to have all my family here today.”.

It was always the same question that many people had after meeting LePayne: everyone wanted to know how she was able to live such a long and happy life after such a difficult childhood. It is likely that LePayne has not discovered the Fountain of Youth, but she will surely remain young looking thanks to her sense of humor.

What was her secret to living such a long life? I would like to know how she did it. She replied, “Just be happy.” – It’s the most important. If LePayne’s “secret” is any indication, we should be more grateful, compassionate and joyful!

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Dance Routine Was Going Perfectly Until The Woman In Stripes Comes In

Here is something to ask yourself: What do I jump at the chance to do during my available energy? It is so essential to comprehend what your leisure activities are on the grounds that they’re something that put your life aside from how you make ends meet. Obviously, going to the workplace and sitting before your PC can’t be your leisure activity. All in all, how would you help enjoyable to remove your brain from things? For my purposes, I like to move.

No, I’m not an expert, but I like to put on my main tune and simply depression to the beat of the music. I have taken an interest in school ability shows and moved at my companions’ weddings as a piece of an arranged everyday practice, but I’m still no expert. But, that doesn’t stop me.

Moving is something phenomenal. There are such countless sorts of dance structures from traditional dancing, to breakdancing to even old fashioned chicken dance. They are each of the a treat on the eyes to watch. An extraordinary model can be found on Metaspoon, from the “Forro Dance” in which a man and lady diversion at incredible rates to the Korean Baby dance. Here you can track down all that from children to amusing moves. This multitude of videos are fun and engaging to watch, and we as a whole appreciate it.

But actually not every person can move. Certain individuals (like myself) haven’t exactly dominated a particular kind of dance structure. However, try not to tell that to the couple you are going to find in the accompanying video. They are in their very own entire class, and we can’t get enough of them!

Watching Gary and Charlotte dance together is a flat out treat. Having won various dance contests across the US, remembering the US Open Championship for Anaheim, California, you can hope to be wowed whenever you see them perform. But in 2010, the moving pair was doing a display at the Chicago Windy City Jitterbug Club, and something extremely startling occurred.

While they are moving to Rhonda McDaniel’s “Me and Bobby McGee,” somebody from the crowd runs onto the dance floor and joins the performance! Assuming you were doing a dance performance, it’s absolutely impossible that you’d believe somebody should bounce in — this can require a great deal of harm done to the daily schedule!

But, for this couple, that somebody is Debbie Wheelis, who looks a ton like Rhonda but no, they aren’t really twins.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Darling with the Pink Glasses as She Prepares For Her Christmas Dance Recital as Four Tiny Girls Line Up

In their cheery tutus and black ribbons, the four little girls on stage start their carefully choreographed Christmas dance. Although they look absolutely stunning in their red tutus and black ribbons, it appears that the female on the other end thinks for herself.

The endearing star on the right begins to sway to the music to the tune of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” as the three girls begin to sway together and make eye contact with the audience. When the music starts to pick up, the three girls become more animated and start to dance more.

Towards the end of the show, a young girl who is confidently creating her own dances has the full attention of everyone in the audience. She is pretty talented, as you will see later on, so perhaps those dancing lessons have paid off. She undoubtedly possesses stage presence.

My opinion is that she has some competition for the spotlight, since I think that the young child with the pink spectacles is an adorable little person, what a free-spirited individual she is! And to be completely honest, they are all excellent young people.

There is a lot of charm in their performances, and they deserve our admiration for their original renditions of the routine, and they did such an admirable job.

In the end, all the girls bow as the song comes to an end, and their teacher arrives to bring them back to the stage so that they can exit. However, one of the dancers is still dancing because she is having so much fun. I enjoyed watching this video, and it made me smile after a long day at the office, it made me feel good to watch this video again after a long day, and I hope that it does the same for you too.

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This 16-year-old boy, blind for 12 years, sings in such a way that he receives the Golden Buzzer

The audience and the judges were definitely shocked by what Christian Guardino did during his audition, as he was very nervous during the audition.

“You are like a shining light that just showed us everything”.

“You have an incredible gift. What a voice. Incredible,” said Heidi Klum. Simon Cowell called him “one of my favorite contestants I’ve seen this year. . . . It’s the best feeling possible when we meet people like you.
There is no doubt that this guy can sing like crazy; he is a true talent and so humble at the same time.

Guardino was born with a rare retinal condition, Leber congenital amaurosis, which is a retinal disease that can be fatal without treatment. His mother is a nurse and his father is “a pizza delivery man”, he explained. Eventually, after groundbreaking research at University of Pennsylvania’s Scheie Eye Institute, doctors were able to successfully integrate a healthy gene into his eye, and he was able to regain his sight as a result.

It is a great opportunity for you to watch the video and share it with your friends so that they will be able to also enjoy this video as well

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Heartbroken little girl writes letter to God after dog dies

We all know how beneficial it is for children to grow up with pets, and a gold box with her name and address is delivered to her house a few days later. Children learn to be responsible from an early age, to take care of others, and to have a playmate – something that is even more important for children by themselves.

Meredith and her 14-year-old dog had been living together for years, and it eventually became a part of the family. Since Meredith was born, they had always played together and established a special and unique friendship. It was because of this that Meredith was devastated when Abbey died. She just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her best friend had left them forever.

“The day after she passed away my 4-year-old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey,” Meredith’s mom, Colleen, wrote in a Facebook post.
Love, Meredith”

As a result, Meredith insisted that a lot of stamps be used since it is quite a journey to heaven- and the letter was mailed out. Several days later, Meredith asked her parents if God had received her letter, and they replied that they assumed it had.

Several days later, Meredith received a gold box with her name and address on it. Her parents thought that was the end of the story, but they were wrong. A letter and picture Meredith sent, along with Mr. Roger’s “When a Pet Dies” were inside the box, which appeared to have been sent by God himself. Colleen also read another letter to her daughter.
“Dear Meredith,

Abbey arrived safely in heaven. Having the picture was a big help and I recognized her right away.
Abbey isn’t sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me just like it stays in your heart. Abbey loved being your dog. Since we don’t need our bodies in heaven, I don’t have any pockets to keep your picture in so I am sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and have something to remember Abbey by.

I think it is important to understand that even a small act of kindness can go a long way. Take a look at the video below to see how it all played out – please SHARE this with your family and friends in the comments section.

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Angry 1-Yr-Old Wins Argument With Cute Comeback After Mommy Says “No”

Do you remember a time when you struggled to find the words to say when you were in an argument? Later on after this, you are faced with a moment where all the things you should have said hit you, fortunately, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Even though he doesn’t know how to talk yet, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for this toddler.

It is very important to know the right words to win a debate. However, it is not the only factor that contributes to a successful discussion. What’s more, it becomes even more complicated when a parent and child are taking part in the debate. There is no doubt that with the right attitude and a lot of spunk, you will be bound to agree, and this one-year-old happens to have both of those qualities.

August may not be able to comprehend language at the moment, but he doesn’t shy away from arguing with his mother, which is basically a very reasonable request, since she tells him that he needs to sit down in the car when she asks him to do so.

He has a few points that he wants to go over first, furthermore, when his mom informs him that it is not a good idea to climb on everything, the year-old expresses his opinion by saying what he feels. He even throws in a few tongue actions to strengthen his argument!

Here is a funny video about August that you will want to watch. Let us know what you think in the comments below and on Facebook.

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This chicken is a pianist. People are extremely surprised 

Dogs and cats have performed numerous commands and activities throughout antiquity, and no one looks out of place when they do it. It turns out you can train chickens the same way you can train cats, dogs, and horses. Throughout history, animals have been trained to perform activities that humans lack the time or confidence to perform.

Jonggu, the chicken pianist, is a perfect example of this. It may seem impossible, but videos of Jonggu playing Puccini have gone viral.
What’s the trick? Long ago, people started training chickens, despite the common misconception that they are fuzzy, forgetful, and other undesirable traits.

Food training taught chickens to distinguish between circles, squares, triangles, as well as between large and small objects (principle of nipple drinkers and feeders). Additionally, experiments are awaited to support hens’ response to color.

It wasn’t possible to stick one grain color to the feeder because the bird stopped paying attention to it over time, the hens didn’t touch it, and it remained in the feeder. A chicken by the name of Jongu remains on a farm in Maryland, trained by the renowned, outstanding, and often unique trainer VL.

According to the owners, the luminous keys, which shine with the right amount of intensity at the right time, guide the bird and guide the song, though he still makes mistakes from time to time, as if he is a true musician. She needs two weeks to keep the piece. Other chickens have also been known to play music, for instance a student in China was taking a course on the psychology of animal behavior and decided to teach a chicken to play the piano for an exam as part of their course work. The three-headed bird sang for three months.

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Dad Talks to Baby Boy Like an Adult, Has No Idea He’d Get This Reaction

Babies never cease to amaze us, from the moment you learn you are expecting them to the moment they are in your arms. There is no doubt that the development of a human being from a single cell to a full flesh human being is an extraordinary journey, which goes through the hardship of 9 months, or in some cases, seven months.

As soon as you hear their first heartbeat or see their first steps, these bundles of joy make us fall in love with them, this whole process of them developing is in itself an adventure that we cannot miss out on. Yet, these tiny creatures have no clue about the significant passage they take upon for years. A YouTuber by the name of Jason Silva talks about the baby’s step by step progress in the clip below.

In fairness, the child doesn’t have any idea what his dad is talking about. But the reaction that follows is one of the cutest things you have ever seen. He looks so flabbergasted at what he’s hearing that you’ll be in fits of laughter.

Let us know what you think of the video by leaving a Facebook comment below and we will be sure to add it to our next post!

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The baby is just a positive volcano, dear baby

We would like to introduce you to the amazing baby who has captured hearts around the world with her infectious spirit and positive attitude. Watching this little one dance is nothing short of a joy – and it is no wonder, considering how popular her videos have become online, that she has gained so much attention. From the beginning of her life, this baby has radiate joy and has inspired others with her dancing moves that spread happiness wherever she goes, even from the beginning of her childhood.

In the way she glides around showing off the natural grace we all possess that proves as humans we are capable of overcoming any obstacle we face, her energy is contagious and her way of being contagious. Even the most simple moments in life can be full of beauty, as we were reminded by this amazing baby – we can all learn from her example that there is beauty everywhere.

Don’t miss the chance to see this little lady’s dance and please share the video with your friends to make sure they have the same experience that you had.

We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you liked it in the comments section

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